Saturday, April 16, 2005

Making money with porn sites prt2

Making Money with Porn sites

Making money with porn ! yeah your be rolling in the stuff before you know it ? LoL well i hate to disappoint you but hold back with ordering that new Ferrari for a year or two. I guess the real question is ? can i really get into the Adult world of porn ! I'm green as grass have no knowledge of html or graphics software, What tools software and programs would i need to start building porn sites

Firstly anyone can get into making adult website's and make some good money in the process. The learning curve is huge but if you have the ambition and desire the world is your oyster. I have never known a business where your competitor's help and give you assistance in making and owning your own adult website. Most adult webmasters are honest and trustworthy and always willing to help out another webmaster, ok you get the odd bad apple in a barrel but hey you'll find that in any Biz

Hopefully you have read prt1 of "getting started in adult porn" and you might of even ordered Mastering the Adult Web CD. I highly recommend this product ! i know the guy's that made this multi media tutorial and have networked with many of the them, some of these people earn well into five and six figure sums. They know their onions and without doubt this CD will have you flying by the seat of your pants. It will cut your learning curve in half, i rarely make recommendations but i honestly believe this is the best money you will ever spend in the course of acquiring all the skills needed to build and own successful adult porn sites. The link for more information on this CD is at the bottom of the page

Lets get a list of items you will need to start making profitable adult website's
Html software ! html is the code used to write most web pages and there is an array of software to choose from, don't panic you don't need to know html but i would suggest learning the basics as you go along, the old school use nothing else just straight html to build their porn sites. Luckily there are many WYSIWYG editors pronounced Wiz-ee-wig "what you see is what you get" one of the best and most popular is Dreamweaver ! you make pages by simply typing your text and inserting images by a drag and drop method the editor writes all the code for you as you build your web page, you can switch to html view in the dreamweaver window and edit the html if you wish to

Dreamweaver is a powerful tool and no matter what task you need to accomplish you will be able to do it in Dreamweaver, The learning curve can be a little steep but well worth the effort and time. There are also many free and paid tutorials you can acquire from the Net. Here's a great tip that many people fail to take advantage of ! Search Engines Google Yahoo etc. need to find a product or info on a topic hit the S/E its one of the best free tools an adult webmaster has. Do a search for Dreamweaver you will find many links where to obtain and find links to tutorials with one simple hit search. Small note Mastering the Adult Web CD has a tutorial showing you how to build TGP galleries using DW

What's a TGP ! Gezzz hold on good buddy one step at a time, Thumb Gallery Post if you've ever surfed for porn you would have seen all them free galleries full of porn photos you click on the thumb and if your lucky you get the full size image, i said lucky because most TGP's use trading scripts to send you off to another site, why do they do that well we're talk about TGP's later on and all will be explained

Now listen stop asking me questions your making me drift of topic lets get back to making money with porn sites, another program used for building web sites is Frontpage2000 again its a WYSIWYG editor and sometimes can be found in the Microsoft bundle of software what came with your computer. A lot of people don't like using Frontpage its well known for writing bad html code which can slow down your pages or even alter your linking codes and removes the referral code you had inserted to get paid for sending them to a certain website sponsor. If you have a copy installed on your PC then it could save you some money again i know many webmaster's who use it and swear by it

All computers have an html editor its called Note-pad again can be found in the Microsoft bundle you have on your PC, if you know how to write html you can use Notepad to build full web pages and then view them from your explorer window. There are many online tutorials to learn html do a search in Google or your favorite search engine and have a play around

So we now have some idea of what type of software we need to start building your adult porn site, next we will look at getting your new virgin porn website and pages uploaded on to the World Wide Web ! to do this you will need a registrar and Domain Name and hosting server you will find some links at Building Porn or hang around for the next article of making money with porn sites where we will look into this in more depth